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Restoring & Revitalizing Hardwood Floors

After years of foot traffic, hardwood floors start to lose their luster. Replacing them can cost thousands of dollars. But we can help you bring them back to life and restore them to their former luster.

We may be known in Fayetteville and Hope Mills for carpet cleaning, but we do hardwood floors too!

Using a mop and water can be damaging to your hardwood floors, causing bowing and water damage. You many need to consider that once your floors get to a certain point, it’s not a DIY job.

We’ll inspect your floors with you and discuss all your options.  You get a firm quote and our promise of quality service.

Clean and restore your hardwood floors

Cleaning Hardwood Floors

  • We start by sweeping and vacuuming up any loose soils on the floors.
  • Next we put down our commercial grade neutral cleaning solution to help break up dirt in the clear coat finish.
  • Then we use our industrial strength floor scrubbing machine.  It’s soft enough not to harm the hardwoods, but let’s us scrub deep to clean out years of grime.
  • We use a special hardwood floor cleaning machine next to vacuum up all the suspended soils.
  • Finally after the floors have dried, we put down our commercial grade floor refinishing product that will be able to protect your hardwood floors and bring back a nice shine!

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PRO-TIP: A easy way to see if hardwood floor sanding and refinishing is needed, put a little water in a spoon and pour on the floor.

If the water bubbles up, then you only need to have it cleaned. (Don’t forget to wipe it up.) But if it soaks into the floor and darkens then the floor needs to be sanded.


Sanding and Refinishing

Unfortunately sometimes cleaning isn’t enough. We’ll be straightforward when we look at your floors. Hardwoods are protected by a polyurethane coating – if that’s been worn away, sanding and refinishing is the only solution.

Cleaning and putting down a refinish coat will not help the problem. Though it may not be your ideal solution, we will do everything we can to minimize the inconvenience and complete the work as quickly as possible.


At R&K, we offer an optional financing plan to ease the burden of paying the whole amount up front. Some limitations apply. If this will help you move forward, please ask us for more information.

Hardwood floor restoration

Here’s How it Works

  • Our process starts with vacuuming floors to get up all loose debris and removing any quarter round trim.
  • Next we remove any staples or metal objects in the floor.
  • After that we begin our sanding process with our industrial floor sanding machine starting with a abrasive 32 grit sanding to a more fine sanding of 80 grit.
  • Next we fill in any cracks, holes, gouges and any other imperfections in the hardwood floor.
  • Then we do one final pass of sanding with a 120 grit fine sanding and vacuum up after.
  • We wipe down the floors to make sure there is no dust left and apply an optional stain to change the color.
  • Finally we put down a commercial grade polyurethane finish to protect your hardwood.
  • Floor with the option to choose from three types of shine, satin, semi-glossy, and glossy.


we restore hardwood floors

Benefits to Refinishing Hardwood Floors

  • New Looking Floors
  • Builds Value in Home Investment
  • Lower Cost than Replacing Floors
  • Change Stain Color for Whole New Look

Call 910-709-5522 and let’s take a look at your floors.

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Financing Available

Don’t forget to ask about financing for hardwood floor restoration. Limitations apply.

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