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Restore Your Oriental Rugs

Real Oriental rugs are hand knotted and often made of natural fibers, like wool or silk. Cleaning them requires a gentle touch to protect the fibers and make sure the dye isn’t affected by the process.

At R&K Cleaning & Restoration, we can help you clean and refresh your Oriental carpets.

Heirlooms or treasures in an attic, the designs of Oriental rugs are unique and vibrant. The rugs can change the nature of a room. You don’t want to subject them to a rental rug cleaner and commercial solution unless your willing to risk the possibility of damage.

Oriental Rugs Cleaned

Cleaning Oriental Rugs

Step 1 – Inspection: We start with a inspection of your oriental rug, this allows us to document any damage, spots, pet stains or concerns you may have prior to us cleaning your oriental rug.

Step 2 – Dusting: Over time dirt and soils compact between the fibers of your rug which can not be removed by normal vacuuming. This is why we use special tools allowing us to loosen and remove the dirt and soils. Improper removal of these soils can result in a low quality clean and future problems.

Step 3 – Special Stains: Accidents happen, here at R&K we understand that. Special stains such as Urine or Solvent soluble products such a nail polish and paint can be difficult to remove and require special attention to detail. This is why we use industry leading products that aren’t available at consumer stores to try to remove the problem.

Pet urine comes down as a acid, but over time turns into a high PH alkaline substance.These urine salts can be damaging to natural fiber rugs causing loss in color and damage to the fiber.This is when we have to pre treat the rug to remove these harmful urine salts to help remove them safely.

Step 4 – Rug Bath: After Dusting your rug it’s time for a bath, using proper products for the certain fiber at hand allows us to get to the PH level need to suspend soils in your oriental rug. Every fiber has a certain PH it needs to be at to help with the life of the rug.

Step 5 – Deep Scrubbing: Once your Rug is ready we use our planetary rotating scrubber to get a deep and universal clean. Other methods we also use is hand scrubbing, this being used for more delicate rugs needing special attention.

Step 6 – Rinse: After cleaning rug we rinse is back to a proper PH levels for the type of fiber we have on hand. Using cold water only will allows us to keep the fibers happy and not causing any damage to your oriental rug.

Step 7- Drying & Grooming: Drying any natural fiber rug in a timely manner is very important to prevent any bacteria. This is why we use a speed drying system to help us during this process. During and After the drying process we groom your oriental rug to set the fiber in place to keeping it to a beautiful state.

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Certified to Fix Rips and Tears

R&K Cleaning & Restoration was recently certified to repair your fine, hand-knotted Oriental rugs. Let us take a look at your condition and get it repaired before the damage gets worse.

Certified to clean Oriental Rugs

Have Pets? No Problem

Your pet is part of the family – we understand that accidents happen from time to time.

That’s why we are trained to deal with pet stains, even those that make it all the way into the paddin.

The problem is bad enough with synthetic carpets, but it can be even more difficult with natural fibers.

At R&K, we’ve trained on cleaning and restoring oriental rugs without damaging the dye or the knotting.  We just recently received certification to repair rips, tears or unravelling.  Protect your heirlooms for the next generation.  (They’ll probably have pets too!)

Gentle and thorough cleaning of your oriental carpets

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