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Residential & Commercial Mold Remediation

Floods and other water damage can cause severe structural issues. But once excess water is cleared away, many are left to deal with the residual moisture. Unfortunately, this turns into the perfect place for mold to grow. R&K Cleaning & Restoration offers mold remediation services to help keep your home or commercial property healthy. Our team will comb through these areas of your property to identify mold and address it right away.

Our Process

Identify & Contain

Our restoration team will review your property and locate all areas affected by mold. Once we have identified what type of mold is on the premises and how prevalent it is, we will close off the area and prepare the site for mold removal.

Air Filtration & Mold Removal

Because mold produces airborne spores, it is important to completely filter the air where mold has been found. To truly remove the issue, any items or materials with mold must be thrown away or cleaned with antimicrobial products. Our team will let you know what can be salvaged and what is too hazardous to keep.

Repair & Final Tests

We will ensure that the entire area is thoroughly dried before we repair walls, floors, or other areas that we have de-molded. Once this entire process is completed, we will do a final check to confirm that all mold sources have been taken care of.

Why Choose Us

We specialize in water damage repair, mold testing, and mold removal, so you can trust that our team will be able to take care of this issue and leave your property mold-free. Because there are potential health risks involved in the process, we encourage you to seek out our professionals rather than attempting this removal yourself. R&K Cleaning & Restoration has all of the necessary tools to completely remove mold and reconstruct the affected areas.

Let us give you peace of mind and help keep your property safe for all. We serve residential and commercial customers throughout Raleigh and Fayetteville, NC, so call us today for service!

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We respond quickly – typically within an hour of your call.  If our business was underwater – we’d want someone who understood how urgen the situation was.

Our teams are professional and respectful of your property.  Our goal is to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. We have specialized equipment for finding hidden moisture in the walls and the floor. That’s moisture that will become mold if it isn’t removed.

We can remove and replace all types of flooring – from carpet to hardwood to tile. We will strip a room down to the studs if need be. We clean upholstered furniture and treat the whole environment for bacteria or contamination.

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