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A burst pipe. Storm surge. Flooding. Another hurricane.

When your carpet, walls or wood floors get wet, the faster you respond, the less damage you have to fix. We can sometimes extract the water using our commercial grade equipment. If that’s the case, then we bring in high power fans to help dry the carpet.

That means we can save you the cost of replacing the rug and the padding.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Sometimes the carpet and padding has to be removed so we can dry out the subflooring. If that’s not done, your home could end up with structural damage or mold that you can’t see growing.

We will always offer you our assessment and recommendation on your best course of action.

Call R&K Carpet Cleaning in Fayetteville, Hope Mills and Fort Bragg NC
Call R&K Carpet Cleaning in Fayetteville, Hope Mills and Fort Bragg NC

What Should We Do?

If your carpet and baseboards are soaked with water, it’s important to contact a professional. This really isn’t a DIY job.  And letting that water sit too long can create long-term problems for your house and your family.

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  1. Move all your personal belongings out of the affected area – that includes removing pictures or artwork from the walls.
  2. Take photographs of the room and any damaged items.
  3. Call your home owners insurance company and let them know what happened – please tell them you’re working with us.

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What We Can Do

We will come and assess the damage to your floors – typically within 3 hours of your call. (Response times may vary during natural disasters.)

We will use commercial equipment that will extract water from your carpet and padding.

We treat the affected area for bacteria or waste, mold and mildew.

We bring high powered fans to dry the room – typically you’ll be able to put the furnishings back in 3 to 4 days.

We will let you know if the carpet and padding needs to be replaced.

We remove carpet, padding and baseboards and provide fans if the sub-flooring is wet.

We will take down damaged drywall.

We can clean upholstered furniture and treat for any odors or mustiness from the dampness.

R&K Carpet Cleaning

R&K Carpet Cleaning

R&K Carpet Cleaning

R&K Carpet Cleaning

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Serving Fayetteville, Hope Mills, Fort Bragg and surrounding areas of NC.

Flooding presents some of the biggest risks to your home and family.

Facts About Flooding

North Carolina has been hit pretty hard in the past few years. Multiple hurricanes and unprecedented rainfall have affected so many homes and families.  Even locations that don’t traditionally flood have seen water creeping toward their building’s foundation.

  • Flood waters move quickly and are so powerful that two feet of water can move cars, trucks and buses.
  • Flood waters can rise gradually (areal flooding) or in a matter of minutes (flash flooding) after heavy rainfall. Flash floods can occur without warning.
  • The most common flood events are from rivers overflowing their banks.
  • Just 6 inches of moving flood water can knock an adult person off their feet.
  • Flooding from the storm surge during Hurricane Katrina submerged 80% of the city of New Orleans.
  • Roughly two-thirds of flood deaths occur when drivers try to navigate through flood waters.
  • Flood water can be contaminated with chemicals and full of dangerous debris.

Depending on the extent of the flood damage, we may or may not be the right company to help you.

We’ll never put your home or your family at risk – if you need a different vendor, we’ll tell you right away.

Here’s a great guide from the Red Cross on recovery after a flood.

Be Prepared

When flood waters come into your home – you have no idea what’s in that water.

  • Ask about putting flood insurance on your homeowner’s policy.
  • Know how to shut off the electricity and/or gas – don’t wait until water has entered the home.
  • Get your important documents together in one place – birth certificates, marriage license, insurance policies, etc. – in a water-proof container.
  • Be prepared to transport your pets. Do not leave animals unattended in the house or a pen.
  • Put emergency numbers in your phone ahead of time, as soon as they are published – Red Cross, NC Dept. of Public Safety, FEMA.
  • if you want to evacuate but need help to do, call someone and let them know you need help. There are free shelter

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